About us

For more than 40 years, Neutronic Stamping and Plating has been manufacturing high quality electronic contacts, pins, and lead-frames in our two plants located in Fountain Valley, CA.   We serve the Automotive, Consumer Electronics, Telecom, Defense, and Medical Industries, both in North America and globally.

Our Goals are to always put the customer first – first in communication, first in delivery, first in quality, and first in total customer satisfaction.   As a small-to-midsize company, we are very responsive to customer needs and can adapt quickly to changes and updates to orders.

Neutronic Stamping and Plating provides a single source facility with high speed, high volume stamping production AND continuous reel-to-reel plating.   Our in-house CAD/CAM design capabilities, fully equipped tool room, and quick change-over capabilities in plant allow us to provide prompt and high quality service to our customers.

Neutronic Stamping and Plating has built a reputation for producing superior carbide dies that produce the highest quality stamped parts in the industry.    Likewise, our plating facility has implemented the latest technology in reel-to-reel plating.   Both Neutronic Stamping and Plating facilities are registered with the IATF-16949 and ISO-9001 quality certifications.