STAMPING:   Our 34,000 square foot facility has 35 stamping presses ranging from 30-60 tons.   Our plant utilizes automatic material handling machinery to support efficient stamping.    With this range of equipment, Neutronic is capable of manufacturing a large variety of parts in any production quantity.

PLATING:   Neutronic Stamping and Plating’s uses various vendor support sites.  Each support site offers reel-to-reel and barrel plating capabilities, including Nickel and Copper under-plating, and Gold, Silver, Palladium Nickel, Matte Tin, Bright Tin, and Tin/Lead electroplating.  The plating equipment at each site includes multiple high performance dual strand automatic plating line operated by a fully programmable system based on logic control plus several additional automatic single strand lines.  Each site has on-site chemical laboratory and resident chemist that allows for quick response and ensures chemical bath quality.

PROTOTYPES:   Neutronic Stamping and Plating can provide prototypes for stamped and plated contacts, pins, terminals, and lead-frames for which we have quoted production.   Our capabilities include stamped terminal prototypes, wire pin prototypes (loose or on bandolier), terminal prototypes made using EDM-wire cutting process, and prototypes made by a combination of stamping and wire-EDM cutting.   Supplying prototypes can be a big help to our customers so that they can adjust designs to provide a best solution for their connector or module design without first spending a lot of money on a production stamping die.

TOOLING The heart and soul of any good stamping company is the tool room.   Modern technology significantly impacts today’s tooling room, and the hands-on expertise of our die-makers with over 200 years of experience keeps Neutronic Stamping and Plating as a leader in close tolerance high-speed die manufacturing.

EDM:  Neutronic Stamping and Plating incorporates the use of both Conventional EDM and Wire EDM into its in-house manufacturing processes.    This results in rapid turnaround of tooling, timely repair of die components, and on-time scheduling of the sharpening of die components   This all adds up to better quality and better delivery of your product.