Neutronic Stamping and Plating offers various reel-to-reel and barrel plating capabilities, including Nickel, Copper, Gold, Palladium Nickel, Silver, Matte Tin, Bright Tin, and Tin/Lead electroplating.

Neutronic only uses vendor support sites that use high quality plating baths including Tin baths that are ROHS capable. Each supports uses the highest quality plating equipment, that include multiple high performance dual strand automatic plating line operated by a fully programmable system based on logic control plus several additional automatic single strand lines.  The plating thickness is precisely controlled by PC-operated fluorescent x-ray machines that utilize software that provides SPC data for each part or work order.

Neutronic’s vendor support sites also house their own fully equipped chemical laboratory staffed by a resident chemist to insure quality control of all plating solutions and adherence to customer requirements and specifications.   This includes wet methods of chemical analysis, atomic absorption, Hull Cell, porosity and solderability testing.   Our vendor support sites use state approved water scrubbing systems to insure strict adherence to environmental standard and laws.