Neutronic Stamping and Plating can provide prototypes for stamped and plated contacts, pins, terminals, and lead-frames for which we have quoted production. Our capabilities include stamped terminal prototypes, wire pin prototypes (loose or on bandolier), terminal prototypes made using EDM-wire cutting process, and prototypes made by a combination of stamping and wire-EDM cutting. Prototype parts can be supplied loose or in combs that are several pins long.

For example, for compliant (press-fit) pins, we often make the prototypes by first stamping an approved compliant (press-fit) section on a continuous strip of base material such as C510 phosphor bronze with only the compliant section stamped on the strip (see photo). Then we can wire-EDM cut the remainder of the prototype pins to the customer requirement on the strip using the compliant section for one end of the pins. Then we finish the terminals by coining the lead-in and edges of the contact end as needed by the customer, and post-plating as required. This process generates a prototype compliant press-fit pin that has an approved fully functional compliant section.

Supplying prototypes can be a big help to our customers so that they can modify initial terminal designs to provide a best solution for their connector or module design without first spending a lot of money on a complete stamping die.